The aromatic herbs in Italian cuisine are really indispensable and are able to make each dish truly unique.

By browsing the internet I found myself in front of a beautiful idea that keeps the aromatic herbs for long periods simply using the extra virgin olive oil, of course, even in this case we use the “Nostrum” oil.

How to proceed:

Take the aromatic herbs, such as rosemary, sage, fennel, thyme, oregano, maybe just picked up from your balcony or garden, cut them finely or as they are and fill the binder (that’s to make ice cubes in the freezer) for 2/3 And the rest covering with extra virgin olive oil. Then cover with transparent film and place in a freezer all night. The next day remove them from the container and store them in sealed bags in the freezer.

How to use them:

They are particularly suitable for cooking roasts, soups, stews and more as inspiration of your imagination! G.