The cultivation and marketing of Crocus sativus L., ie Saffron, is the new challenge for the farm ‘La Fonte’ and in particular for Giulia Trabalza Marinucci, a young graduate in agriculture, who rediscovered the potential of this magnificent plant.

The cultivation is carried out with respect for the tradition and in the absence of mechanization.

Each phase of production is done by hand without the use of pesticides or mechanical means.

The land, cleaned and prepared with great care during the year, that welcomes the saffron bulb is constantly fed with natural fertilizers. The harvest of the flowers, which takes place in the early hours of the morning in the months of October and November, is immediately followed by drying the pistils extracted from the harvested bud.

The end product is therefore the result of a meticulous attention to detail and demonstrated by the quality that it gives in return.


  •  SOIL: prefers medium soil but will grow well in any soil type as long as provided with little structure and not subject to water stagnation.
  •  ALTITUDE: 200 m s.l.m
  •  HARVEST: Manual
  •  KINGDOM: Plantae
  •  ORDER: Asparagales
  •  FAMILY: Iridaceae
  •  GENRE: Crocus
  •  SPECIES: Crocus sativus


  • AGE OF PLANTING: mid-August.
  •  SPACE AND DEPTH OF PLANTING: depths ranging from 15 to 20 cm in furrows distant 20-30 cm.
  •  FERTILIZERS: the most suitable fertilizer is mature manure which is distributed in the autumn before the planting.
  •  IRRIGATION: cultivation is conducted in dry.
  •  WEEDING: infest is controlled by tillage.
  • HARVEST: about 60 days after implantation, from mid October to mid November


There are numerous properties of this extraordinary spice.

Among these :

  •  antioxidant properties thanks to carotenoids
  • beneficial effects on the nervous system which is responsible for mood
  • anti-inflammatory action
  • great for the eyesight as it is rich in vitamin A
  • helps the airways